Clinical  and Radiographic Findings

The dentition is mixed consistent with the age of the patient. Both jaws show multiple radiopaque lesions (Fig 1-2) and three skin soft tissue nodules. Three exophytic radiopaque lesions are present bilaterally on each angle of the mandible and right posterior maxilla (Fig 1-2). The mandibular lesions are protruding by approximately 3 cm on the left side and 2 cm on the right side. Both jaws have additional non-expansile radiopaque lesions, including one in the area of tooth #6 which is more consistent with an odontoma. Other non-expansile radiopaque lesions are present in the areas of teeth #s 15-16, 18-19, and 27-29. Five retained deciduous teeth were identified #s A, B, C, H, and K. A badly carious tooth #3 was also identified.

Fig 1. Panoramic film demonstrating a combination of multiple radiopaque lesions (exophytic and flat), odontoma, retained deciduous teeth and impacted permanent teeth.

Fig 2.Anterior posterior skull film demonstrating multiple radiopaque lesions.