History of Present Illness

This is a 31-year-old male with an 11-month history of a sessile, lobular, progressively enlarging lesion in the anterior facial maxillary gingiva (Fig 1) with palatal expansion. Non-surgical root canal therapy was performed on teeth #s 9 & 10 in January 2004. The panoramic radiograph demonstrates slight divergence involving teeth #s 10 & 11 with minimal increased bone density (Fig 2). The preoperative blood cell counts were as follows: WBC 5.3, RBC 4.92, HGB 15.0, and PLT 186.

Figure 1. This is a clinical view of the lesion at presentation demonstrating multiple lobules of exophytic lesions on the facial maxillary gingiva, one appears to be ulcerating.

Figure 2. This is a panoramic radiograph demonstrating slight divergence of teeth #s 10 & 11 with increased bone density.