Clinical  and Radiographic Findings

The patient presented with palpable buccal expansion of the right posterior mandible. The expansion measured ~3cm X 5cm and extended from tooth #27-#32. The expansion was visible clinically (Fig 1). There was no evidence of pain or altered sensation on the lower lip or chin. A large cavity was noted on tooth #30. The floor of mouth was soft and not elevated. There was mild lingual expansion in the area of tooth #32. Radiographic changes demonstrated a well-defined multilocular radiolucency (Fig 2) with a “honeycomb” pattern. There is also evidence of tooth displacement, tooth resorption and inferior alveolar nerve displacement (Fig 2).

Figure 1. This is a clinical view of the lesion at presentation demonstrating obliteration of the right mandibular vestibule indicating an expansile swelling in the right mandible.

Figure 2.  This is a panoramic radiograph demonstrating a well-demarcated and multilocular radiolucent lesion between teeth #s 27-32, slightly displacing teeth.