Clinical Findings

Three large purplish-red exophytic lesions were identified: one on the maxillary buccal gingiva between teeth #s 5 and 6 (Fig 1), one on the anterior hard palate, and the third on the soft palate (Fig 2).  All three lesions were not painful and were highly vascular.  The gingival lesion was sessile; the soft palate lesion was pedunculated and was approximately 2.5 cm x 3 cm in size, and the anterior hard palate lesion was also pedunculated.  On clinical examination, all three were firm on palpation and bled easily.  The lesion on the buccal maxillary gingiva was approximately 6 to 8 mm in size. The lesions on the palate were over a centimeter in size each and, per the patient’s report, had doubled in size in the past two weeks. 

Figure 1. Kaposi’s sarcoma presenting as exophytic, sessile, red gingival swelling simulating a pyogenic granuloma.  This is an unusual presentation for KS.

Figure 2. Kaposi’s sarcomas involving the soft palate and anterior hard palate.  Note the purplish-red color, both are exophytic and the soft palate lesion is obstructive to the oropharynx.