History of Present Illness

This is a 23-year-old Vietnamese female who, at the time that she presented with this lesion, stated that it had been present for two months (Figures 1 & 2).  She was in her seventh month of pregnancy at the time.  The lesion did not resolve upon giving birth.  This was her first pregnancy, and there had been no significant medical findings or complications.  Extensive calculus accumulation was noted throughout the mouth, but especially on the lingual aspect of the mandibular anterior teeth where the lesion is.  The lesion was completely excised along with the gross calculus approximately 2 months after delivery.  Extensive bleeding was noted upon removal. 

Figure 1. Photograph is taken at first clinical presentation while the patient is seven month pregnant.  The lesion is at the anterior lingual mandibular gingiva.  It is a large, exophytic, lobular and red mass.

Figure 2. Photograph is taken at first clinical presentation.  The lesion is pedunculated as demonstrated by the periodontal probe.