Clinical  and Radiographic Findings

The patient was a young Vietnamese female in her seventh month of pregnancy with extensive and general dental calculus, especially in the anterior lingual mandible.  She also had generalized gingivitis.  On oral examination a large, exophytic, lobular, red and pedunculated mass of about 2 cm in diameter was found in the anterior lingual mandible (Figures 1 & 2).  The lesion was of two months’ duration and was asymptomatic.  It was vascular and firm at palpation and was not ulcerated.  The lesion was on the lingual gingiva only and did not involve the bone. 

Figure 1. Photograph is taken at first clinical presentation while the patient is seven month pregnant.  The lesion is at the anterior lingual mandibular gingiva.  It is a large, exophytic, lobular and red mass.

Figure 2. Photograph is taken at first clinical presentation.  The lesion is pedunculated as demonstrated by the periodontal probe.