Clinical  and Radiographic Findings

Physical examination revealed an expansile lesion in the anterior mandible between teeth #s 22 and 28 (Fig 1). Panoramic radiographs showed a large, expansile, well demarcated to corticated unilocular radiolucency (Fig 1). This lesion recurred in 1992 after thorough curettage of the area. The first recurrence (Fig 2) was small and well demarcated between teeth #s 28 and 29, but less well defined in area of missing teeth #s 26-27. This lesion was also thoroughly curetted and several teeth were extracted (teeth #s 22-24 and 28-30). The second recurrence (Fig 3) took place in 2005, 13 years after the first recurrence. It was mostly in the anterior mandible and was a well demarcated to corticated unilocular radiolucency. It was also slightly expansile.

Figure 1.
Panoramic view of the primary tumor taken in 1990 demonstrating a large unilocular and corticated radiolucency involving the area of teeth #s 22-28.     

Figure 2.
Panoramic view of the first recurrence taken in 1992.  Note the unilocular radiolucency between teeth #s 28 and 29 and less defined between teeth #s 26 and 27. 

Fig 3.

Panoramic view of the second recurrence taken in 2005. 
Note the unilocular and corticated radiolucency in the
area of missing teeth.