Clinical Findings

The panoramic radiograph (Figure 1) and subsequently the CT scan showed a horizontally impacted tooth # 8 and intact deciduous incisor.  As demonstrated in Figure 1, the panoramic radiograph was not fully diagnostic of the position of the incisor.  The CT scan shows that the tooth is fully horizontal in the palate with the facial surface along the floor of the nose.  There is a radiolucent lesion filling the anterior alveolus in the area of tooth # 8 above the roots of the primary incisors.  Within the lucency is a small round opacity. 

Figure 1. This a panoramic radiograph at first presentation. Note the impacted tooth #8 surrounded by irregular radiolucency containing small foci of radiopaque material.

Figure 2. Kaposi’s sarcomas involving the soft palate and anterior hard palate.  Note the purplish-red color, both are exophytic and the soft palate lesion is obstructive to the oropharynx.