Clinical Findings

This patient was referred to the oral surgeon (CH) for third molar removal as well as the removal and evaluation of a large cystic lesion around tooth #32 (Fig 1).  The patient has all four of her third molars; three (teeth #s 1, 16 and 17) are close to eruption and the fourth (#32) is impacted.  Tooth # 32 shows a large, unilocular radiolucency with smooth and corticated borders displacing the tooth inferiorly, leaving the jaw bone thin and vulnerable.  The radiolucency surrounds the crown of tooth # 32 from the cemento-enamel-junction (CEJ) to CEJ.  Despite the size of this lesion, there was no clinical evidence of significant expansion. 

Figure 1. This is a panoramic view taken at the first clinical presentation Dec 2005.  The radiograph demonstrates a corticated unilocular radiolucency around impacted tooth #32 with the tooth displaced inferiorly.   

Figure 2. Kaposi’s sarcomas involving the soft palate and anterior hard palate.  Note the purplish-red color, both are exophytic and the soft palate lesion is obstructive to the oropharynx.