Incisional and Excisional Biopsy

The biopsy revealed an encapsulated neoplasm of odontogenic epithelial origin. It is surrounded by dense fibrous connective tissue wall. The neoplasm is made up of epithelial cells arranged in strands and whorls of cells (Fig 4) and duct-like structures (Fig 5). Clusters of calcified material are also present (not shown).

Figure 4. This is an H & E stained section at x 100 magnification demonstrating sheets of epithelial cells some are spindle-shaped and arranged in bundles surrounding clusters of cuboidal cells some arranged in duct-like structures.


Figure 5. This is an H & E stained section at x 200 magnification demonstrating duct-like structures some with an eosinophilic material. These structures are surrounded by bundles of spindle-shaped epithelial cells.