Incisional and excisional biopsy

The histology was diagnosed by Dr. Raj Kapur, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Department of Pathology.  Histologic evaluation revealed a large lesion of vascular origin (Fig 3).  It was made up of vascular spaces of variable shapes and sizes.  They are lined by one layer of flat endothelial cells.  Some of the spaces contained lymph material with a few lymphocytes while other had clusters of neutrophils (Fig 4) along with some plasma cells.

Figure 3. Low power (x100) histology shows thin vascular spaces made up of lymphatic spaces lined by one layer of flat endothelial cells.   

Figure 4. High power (x200) histology shows lymphatic spaces and connective tissue stroma infiltrated by inflammatory cells.  They were more in the connective tissue stroma.  The inflammatory cells were predominantly neutrophils.