Incisional and excisional biopsy

Histologic examination revealed multiple pieces of hard and soft tissue made up of ribbons of loose and vascular connective tissue and early bone formation (Fig 2).  In one area, a piece of loose connective tissue with cholesterol clefts and multinucleated foreign body type giant cells were present (Fig 3).  The specimen also contained small aggregates of extravasated erythrocytes (Fig 4) which were interpreted to be surgically induced.

Figure 2. Low power (x100) histology shows small fragments of viable early bone formation and loose and vascular fibrous connective tissue.

Figure 3. Low power (x100) histology shows a cluster of cholesterol granuloma made up of cholesterol cleft surrounded by multinucleated foreign body type giant cells.

Figure 4. Low power (x100) histology shows clusters of extravasated erythrocytes and bone fragments with viable osteocytes.