History of the present illness

This is a 49-year-old white female who was referred to the University of Washington, Department of Oral Surgery for a fast-growing, recurring, exophytic mass on the right lateral border of tongue (Figure 1) present since August 2008. This lesion recurred in January 2010 and was excised again in April 2010. The lesion persisted after the second surgery and was reported to be painful. The lesion is frequently traumatized by the adjacent dentition which is in a poor state of repair, including malocclusion and sharp/irregular teeth with broken restorations. A mandibular mouth guard was fabricated; however, due to the large size of the lesion, the mouth guard did little to prevent occlusal trauma. This lesion was excised in June 2010 for a third time under general anesthesia.

Figure 1 This photograph demonstrates an exophytic, lobular and pink to red and focally ulcerated mass on the right lateral and ventral surfaces of tongue.