Clinical Findings

Clinical examination demonstrated a large intra-oral (Figure 3) and external swelling of the right body of the mandible.  There was evidence of generalized severe periodontitis and multiple missing teeth.  Panoramic and CT scan demonstrated a large, multilocular, and well-demarcated radiolucency involving most of the body of the mandible and pushing downward below the inferior border of the mandible (Figure 1).  The edentulous anterior labial alveolar ridge also shows evidence of clusters of small soft tissue nodules consistent with inflammatory papillary denture hyperplasia.

Figure 1 This is a panoramic radiograph demonstrating a large, well-demarcated, multilocular and expansile radiolucent lesion of the right posterior mandible.

Figure 3 This is a clinical view of the lesion at presentation demonstrating obliteration of the right mandibular vestibule indicating an expansile swelling in the right mandible. Also, note the inflammatory papillary hyperplasia on the edentulous alveolar ridge overlying the swelling.