Clinical and Radiographic Findings

This large radiolucency is of unknown duration and is asymptomatic. It involves the body, angle, and the ramus of the right mandible. All teeth are vital. Tooth # 32 is deeply impacted. Clinical examination and radiographic findings revealed no evidence of swelling and the patient denied any pain or parasthesia.

Figure 1 This is a CBCT panoramic view taken at the first clinical presentation. The radiograph demonstrates a very large scalloped radiolucency with slight multilocularity. It starts anteriorly from tooth #28 and progresses posteriorly to the high ramus. Note the root resorption involving teeth #s 29 & 30. Also note the cortical bone perforation apical and between teeth #s 28 & 30. Cortcal perforation is also noted at the angle of the mandible.