Clinical and Radiographic Findings

At presentation, the patient’s chief complaint was a large mass in the posterior maxilla which was not painful.  The mass was well-demarcated and the same color as the surrounding mucosa; it was exophytic and sessile with a smooth surface (Figure 1).  It measured  3 x 2 x 0.5 cm and was not otherwise symptomatic.   The palatal mucosa/gingiva located mesial to this obvious mass was also sessile and exophytic but more diffuse in appearance.  The larger lesion was rubbery in consistency while the smaller lesion was less firm in consistency.

Figure 1 This is a clinical photograph taken at the first clinical presentation; note the large exophytic and smooth-surfaced nodule in the left posterior hard palate and soft palate area.  Also note the swelling behind the large nodule on the hard palate which is more diffuse.