Clinical Findings

The panoramic radiograph demonstrates a well-defined and corticated unilocular radiolucent lesion occupying a significant portion of the left mandibular ramus extending superiorly into the condylar process and head. The radiolucency in the condylar head is multilocular. Cone beam CT read by Dr. lars Hollender demonstrated moderate expansion and thinning of the lingual/posterior aspects of the ramus (Figure 2) but there was no evidence of bone perforation. Other incidental radiographic findings include mucosal swelling of the right maxillary sinus, nasal septum deviation and supraeruption of tooth #1. Clinically and radiographically demonstrated retained tooth # L which was extracted.

Figure 2 Cone Beam CT view demonstrating moderate expansion and thinning of the lingual bone. There was no evidence of bony perforation.