History of the present illness

This is a 24-year-old white female who presented with significant pain associated with a large and ulcerated mass in the posterior mandible and the retromolar pad area (Figure 1). It was of five days' duration and was stated to be associated with a traumatic incident related to eating a corn husk. The patient complained of not being able to close her mouth. The panoramic (Figure 2) and CT radiographs demonstrated a mildly expansile and well-demarcated radiolucent lesion in the right posterior mandible extending into the ramus area. There was superior cortical bone dehiscence.

Figure 1 This photograph was taken at first clinical presentation to the oral surgeon complaining of pain and swelling of five-day duration. Note the deeply ulcerated soft tissue swelling in the right retromolar pad area. At this point, the patient was having difficulty closing her mouth.