Past Medical History

The patient's past medical history includes multidrug-resistant HIV and previous poor compliance with HAART medications. Other medical problems include significant reactive airway disease and recurrent brochial and pulmonary infections with several subspecies of Mycobacterium avium. He also has a history of heavy cigarette smoking which he stopped recently. He is on numerous medications including Isoniazid, Clarithromycin, Ciprofloxacin, INH and pyridoxine, Nystatin, Pyridoxine, Nasonex nasal spray, DuoNeb inhaler, Albuterol, Amlodipine, Fluticasone, Lisinopril, Bactroban, Darunavir, Etravirine, Raltegravir, Norvir, Pyridox topical and Dyazide.