Clinical Findings

At presentation, the patient was wearing a maxillary partial denture.  The left posterior region was normal while the right posterior was swollen, mostly on the palatal side.  The partial denture was pushing into this swelling creating a groove (Figure 1) which was a source of discomfort to the patient.  The swelling was described to be 2 x 1 x 0.75 cm in size and was diffuse and soft and had no bony involvement as depicted by the panoramic radiograph of fully intact alveolar/palatal bone of the right palate (Figure 2)

Figure 1 This is a clinical photograph taken at the first clinical presentation; note the swelling at the right side of the hard palate  with central groove.

Figure 2 This is a panoramic radiograph taken at the first clinical presentation. The radiograph demonstrates an intact alveolar and palatal bone with no evidence of bony invasion