History of the present illness

This is an otherwise healthy 8 year-old-boy who underwent a punch biopsy for a small gingival swelling which was removed in March 2007. The lesion recurred in September 2007 in a much larger and more rapidly growing form (Figure 1). This lesion measured 1 X 1.5 cm in size and was red and vascular in color compared to the previously excised lesion, which was 8 X 4 mm in size and pink in color. The current lesion originated between teeth #s 8 & 9. Both lesions were not painful but the recurrent lesion was large enough to interfere with speech and eating. Occlusal radiograph of the first lesion was negative for any bony involvement.

Figure 1 This photograph represents the six-month recurrence taken in September 2007. Note the size and color of the palatal gingival swelling. The labial gingiva is also red and slightly swollen.

Figure 2 Closer look at the recurrent exophytic red gingival swelling on the palatal gingiva.